May 8th, 2017


For Kati, in which Ben is asked to violate his principles...

Takes place between the Alternate Meeting and them getting Romek sent to prison.

[Ben's fallen into a weird kind of equilibrium with his new Mistress. She takes him along on enforcement gigs, where he stands and puts on his "scary little bastard" mien, occasionally baring a fang or popping claws if the people involved don't seem to be getting the message. Sometimes, he has to hit someone--but never more than once.

As far as his relationship with Kati goes, he's actually as happy as he ever gets. She treats him well, doesn't cage him, feeds him real food--and doesn't want to sleep with him. Honestly, it's as good as it gets for someone like him anymore, and he'll take it.

The other Organization people take him in stride, for the most part. Some of them are jealous. And sometimes they borrow him. Maxim approaches Kati after a meeting and says, "I have a man in the interrogation room who is being... recalcitrant. Might I borrow your wolf to see if that will loosen his tongue?"

Kati's already got an assignment, but it's a relatively easy one she won't need Ben for...]