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That which does not kill me...

...has made a grievous tactical error.

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Enslaved! AU Activity Log #1
The ENSLAVED AU (chains_of_grace) was dreamed up in all its heartbreaking glory by brings_to_light-mun), and after some tweaking of timelines and events and character, and with the collaboration of guriel-mun, I felt comfortable inserting Ben into it. It's gotten big enough to deserve its own activity log.

10/12/10 Guriel, on the auction block
10/12/10 Ben's parents left him a... what?
10/15/10 Guriel, a little stunned that it's mid-October
10/20/10 Ben is shocked that pit angels were (are?) a Thing
10/28/10 Guriel is frustrated, staring at his ownership documents
11/16/10 Ben is sitting in a diner, staring at another pawnshop angelus ring. This one belongs to Toviel.
12/01/10 Ben finds out that Guriel would like very much to look into fixing his wing
11/30/10 Ben buys them both first-class tickets for a flight to New Jersey
12/01/10 Ben and Guriel join Mikhel on the roof of the terminal. Much to their horror, carnage ensues.
12/02/10 Ben gives his friend Hannibal a call, and gives Hannibal Mikhel's ring
12/03/10 Ben calls a suicide hotline after giving Mikhel to Hannibal -- With Nim (lakelesslady)
12/03/10 Ben wolfs and waits for Guriel to come home
12/03/10 Ben gets them to Newark to take care of some unfinished Hunter business
12/16/10 Guriel consults with a doctor about his wing
12/21/10 Zev has a Hunter pinned under a giant paw -- two blocks from their house
12/24/10 Guriel helps Ben decorate for Christmas
12/28/10 Ben is reading his Mom's journal, looking for insight
01/03/11 Guriel Wants to kill some Black Marketers
01/07/11 Ben is feeding his new baby dragon in the kitchen
01/15/11 Guriel is up in a tree, watching the birds
01/18/11 Ben is researching photo equipment in the interests of not killing people anymore.
01/23/11 Guriel is in a church, trying to pray
01/27/11 Ben is pacing the waiting room at Princeton-Plainsboro while they wait to be called into the OR
01/29/11 Guriel is recuperating from the surgery on his wing
02/03/11 Ben is napping someplace in the hospital where his nightmares won't disturb other people
02/08/11 Guriel is happy to be home, and they go to a junkyard and find a Project Car.
02/13/11 Ben tells Guriel that Rick Castle? Wants to write about them
02/16/11 Guriel is scowling blackly at an angel owner
02/27/11 Ben takes Guriel shopping for furniture for the library they're replacing the master bedroom with
03/05/11 Guriel is sunning both wings.
03/11/11 Ben finds out about Anniversary Syndrome, as he gets smacked in the face with the date of the convoy ambush.
03/17/11 Guriel is getting used to his new center of gravity, and they go indoor skydiving.
03/23/11 Ben doesn't know what a "normal" day looks like, so they try to have one.
03/31/11 Guriel has a dream about Yavniel... so they find him working at LA General
04/07/11 Ben is eying the spray-on hair dye when an angel crash-lands on the lawn.
04/14/11 Guriel finds out that the authorities think the brothel takedown might have been insurance fraud. Yay?

With Mikhel (judgmentdivine):
10/20/10 An encounter with Mikhel on (yes, on) the stacks of the public library
11/04/10 Another encounter, after Mikhel kills a bunch of demons
11/11/10 And then Ben finds a binding ring in a pawnshop. Guess whose...?
11/15/10 Ben stops a nosy Rose from being immolated
11/15/10 Zev meets Mikhel
11/17/10 Ben awakens screaming from a nightmare
11/23/10 Mikhel writes lama sabachthani on the window
11/23/10 Ben stops a trespassing Dani from meeting a brutal and bloody end
12/30/10 It's snowing in LA

With Ananchel (gives_grace):
10/21/10 Having coffee in Ananchel's coffee shop
10/28/10 Guriel's going over his ownership docs when his sister comes by with an envelope for Ben
11/10/10 He's having a flashback
12/03/10 Ananchel comes home after Mikhel's ring handoff to find a depressed Zev
01/08/10 He's feeding Raya in the kitchen

With Ithuriel (brings_to_light):
10/24/10 Ithuriel pulls his spear from a body...
11/14/10 Ithuriel finds Ben carving the hellfire sigil into a Hunter's chest. He disapproves.

With Kabniel (kabniel_cures):
10/28/10 Guriel's going over his ownership docs when a baby angel wanders into the house
11/17/10 Ben awakens screaming from a nightmare
12/03/10 Kabniel's not... Kabniel anymore

With Hoshi (hermastersstar):
11/11/10 Ben is contemplating the binding ring he found.

With Corvus (cawcawbangdead):
11/11/10 The Crow wants to know where he found the binding ring.
11/13/10 Corvus finds Ben breaking a Hunter's bones
12/05/10 Truth or Dare?
12/18/10 Ben tries to help Corvus find the key to his binding
12/28/10 Ben's reading his Mom's journal
01/04/11 Corvus thinks it was easier being alone
01/08/11 Ben's feeding his new baby dragon
01/18/11 Ben, Guriel, and Corvus are off to Germany on a hunt for Corvus's cross
02/19/11 Corvus thinks that any soul can be fixed
02/28/11 Corvus wants to know if Ben's planning on robbing a bank, in light of his shopping list

With Jason (jasongideon):
11/13/10 Biggest regret in six words. Ben figures it's "not suiciding before he ate the children."

With Fritz (fritz4now):
11/17/10 No creature deserves to be enslaved

With Abari (shyviolinist):
12/01/10 Ben misunderstands an innocent gesture she makes

With Joey (hwthrneblksheep):
12/03/10 Joey wants to know if they're okay, after Mikhel's ring handoff

With Cara (canis_simensis):
12/03/10 She's stuck behind them in line at the airport

With Shinichi (vampire_kudo):
12/03/10 He is also stuck in line behind them at the airport

With Elle Woods (ellelovespink):
12/04/10 She's getting threats
12/07/10 Angel jokes are getting old
12/24/10 A fundraiser isn't very well-attended
01/04/11 They run into each other in a coffee shop
01/22/11 She wants to talk to him about Anathiel
02/02/11 She texts him to let him know that Anathiel is safe
02/10/11 She brings Anathiel over to visit with Guriel
02/13/11 Ben mentions that Rick Castle wants to use him as a character
02/21/11 Someone stole her wallet
02/28/11 She helps him shop for hair dye
03/09/11 Speed-dating!
03/11/11 Anniversary Syndrome
03/23/11 He doesn't know what a normal day looks like
04/10/11 She wonders if he'll ever forgive himself

With Derrick Anderson (high_ref_save):
12/24/10 Derrick's marching around campus promoting angel rights
12/27/10 Derrick freed Raphael

With Hannibal Smith (hes_onthe_jazz):
12/26/10 Hannibal's idly touching Mikhel's binding ring
01/04/11 Hannibal is smoking and looking shaken
01/27/11 Hannibal is thinking about relocating after a visit from Murphy
02/27/11 Hannibal wants to make sure Ben's got an actual Plan for taking down the Black Market ops

With House (house_onthehill):
12/28/10 House wants to know if they've decided to fix Guriel's wing yet
01/27/11 House is surprised to see that they're getting the wing fixed
01/28/11 House is looking for ways to free an angel

With Devon (glamour_n_guns):
12/31/10 He runs into her in a bar and warns her off. She is... less than impressed.
01/06/11 She is grouchy. He is ridiculously cheerful. Wackiness ensues.

With Dr. Lisa Cuddy (hbic_cuddy):
01/01/11 She's confronted by a Hunter
01/27/11 She finds him in the waiting room on their way to getting the wing fixed

With Z'lan (nestoflitts):
01/06/10 Zev finds a fire lizard egg

With Captain Jack Sheridan (whatdragon):
01/07/10 He spots Ben feeding Raya and is intrigued. He's also not from around here...

With Elle Bishop (rebelle_elle):
01/08/11 He's feeding Raya, and she wants to know where she can get one.
01/20/10 She's bought an angel, and they make a ... play date
02/13/11 Elle texts Ben, and they set up an actual time and location for said play date
02/25/11 And play date is a go (with Zepar and Guriel)
03/01/11 She thinks he needs new clothes
03/11/11 She finds him in the middle of a flashback
03/18/11 Ben, Guriel, and Zepar go to a party with Elle
04/14/11 They have a wide-ranging conversation, and Ben is painfully honest

With FBI Agent Aaron Hotchner (testofwill):
01/09/11 Hotch is at the scene of the Black Market operation they burned down

With Inspector Connie Murphy (lieu_murphy):
01/24/11 She's had reports of Black Market Hunters in the area

With Tobias Cainan (halflinghunter):
01/28/11 Tobias had a dream about Ben

With Murdock (miracleairlines):
02/03/11 Murdock's planning an escape route
02/15/11 Ben and Murdock end up sharing a jail cell

With Silence (imortal_silence):
02/03/11 Ben's napping. And let's just say that singing in a language he doesn't understand is a bad button for him.

With Reii (deathstoogood):
02/05/11 Reii's whining that Guriel chopped his head off. "Well, duh" is Ben's basic response.

With Rick Castle (safewordapples):
02/05/11 Rick is looking for a new Muse
03/23/11 Rick is moving to LA

With Tziporel (tziporel):
02/09/11 Tziporel learned the planets!

With Zepar (hurtyourealgood):
02/14/11 Zepar thanks Ben for telling Elle to let him fly

With Raziel (of_secrets):
02/15/11 Raziel has some catching up to do, since he's been out of touch for three hundred years.

With Aden (pullmyhairhard):
02/19/11 Aden's been beaten up

With Penelope Garcia (quanticoracle):
02/23/11 She's doing a follow-up investigation of the Black Market takedown

With Meirael (givinghislight):
02/23/11 He runs into her in a fabric store

With Adam (human_incarnate):
02/28/11 Ben's looking for parts for the Roadrunner