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That which does not kill me...

...has made a grievous tactical error.

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Main Arc #1
And the A-Team stuff goes in here too, because it, amazingly, tied in. This is why I love free-form RP. You never know what will happen.

Main Arc, with guriel:
08/31/10 Ben Not the Heroin
09/01/10 Guriel Picked a fight with Belial (aftermath)
09/02/10 Ben Wakes up Hogtied
09/03/10 Guriel Silence: Harder than it looks
09/04/10 Ben She's gone...
09/05/10 Janni made pie for guriel. Janni is Ben's wife.
09/06/10 Ben On his knees, coughing blood
09/06/10 Guriel Shadowboxing, becomes Ben's Guardian
09/07/10 Ben Case gone wrong, drinking heavily
09/12/10 Ben 3am bodywork after a nightmare, with slight AAR after this.
09/13/10 Guriel Walking, Janni gives him a lift
09/14/10 Ben Thought my demon problems were over
09/16/10 Guriel Looking for insight, AAR after this
09/18/10 Ben Kind of thinks he deserved it, after this
09/20/10 Guriel On the roof, sunning his wings, playtime and some serious discussion
09/22/10 Ben Getting ready for the moon
09/24/10 Guriel Up in a tree, watching sunrise -- and then they get ambushed. Again. Annnnnd, wow, that just totally spiraled way out of control...
09/30/10 In fact, let's pick that up here, shall we, where they figure out exactly what's going on and then go and do something about it.
10/04/10 Ben Typing one-handed, harder than it looks -- yeah, and that one bites them on the ass too.
10/11/10 Guriel Missing an embarrassing number of feathers
10/20/10 Ben Thinks it's been too quiet lately. And that's when Guri informs him that they need to try to hire the A-Team for Morrigan.
10/25/10 Guriel thinks that Halloween is ace -- other than the demons.
10/31/10 Ben is typing one-handed again. And Guriel needs to go Home.

The Victorian England Arc:
11/04/10 Reign in Hell...serve in Heaven Ben finds himself in 1889 England. Whoops. (with demon_andbutler)
11/21/10 Alexia Tarabotti offers him a treacle tart (with carriesparasol)
11/24/10 Gandalf tries to help (with moderndaymaia)
11/24/10 Dr. John Watson takes him home and feeds him supper (with the_very_man)
12/01/10 He runs into Janie, a time traveler (with a_time_slip)
12/01/10 A delightful and delighted encounter with a friendly Puck (with hobstitched)
12/01/10 A lady vampire tells him to watch out for the hunter's guilds (with a_soul_awake)
12/17/10 He finally finds guriel. Who has an accent.
04/15/11 And he finally finds out why he's there.

11/23/10 Guriel comes back to find Ben missed him a lot.
11/29/10 Guriel loves Advent. But only Ben and Guri could go out to buy a Christmas tree and end up in Afghanistan.
12/08/10 Ben points out that demon fights suck
12/16/10 Ben just wanted to buy Janni a Christmas present, okay? (also with sonofmourning)
12/21/10 Guriel thinks that nightmares suck, even if he doesn't sleep himself -- which is when the PrimaDynamic thing comes to a head.
12/30/10 Ben asserts that he has the best Guardian ever. And then they're abducted by the Weasel Voodoo Mafia.
01/07/11 Guriel is sent to close up that little pocket dimension. It goes... about as well as you'd expect.
01/13/11 Ben wants some help getting desensitized to handcuffs, because that trigger is a particular pain in the ass
01/17/11 Guriel is lounging around in a used bookstore. Which would be pretty innocuous, except for the whole "getting sucked into a grimoire" part.
01/25/11 Ben wants a vacation in the worst way. And, even demon-free, it don't ever go smooth.
02/02/11 Guriel has pie! And they've got a case.
02/10/11 Ben is frantically cleaning house, because Janni's due home soon. And of course, this means that they somehow add a fire-breathing dragon to their household.
02/18/11 Janni comes home to find a pair of baby dragons in her kitchen
02/24/11 Guriel is playing fetch with Steven
03/11/11 Ben is out on surveillance
03/20/11 Guriel feels like Indiana Jones, as they hunt down an artifact for Gaap. It don't ever go smooth...
03/30/11 Ben finds out why demons are gunning for him. They're shitting him, right? Demon prophecy? Really?
04/07/11 Guriel points out the prophecies are always trouble. This is borne out when Ben is crippled. Possibly for life.
04/12/11 Ben is cane-shopping, because he might as well get something shiny out being Hellhound Chow, right?
04/28/11 Guriel gets new Orders -- he's not Ben's Guardian anymore. With judgmentdivine.

Tie-ins to Main Arc:
With causestobecome:
09/07/10 A very fervent "thank You" and a request for a friend
10/19/10 There's always something to learn
11/20/10 An overwhelmed Ben gets an answer to a prayer

With bringnightmares:
09/17/10 She wants him to try on an ugly pink shirt -- Oh, and she's Lucifer's daughter.
09/18/10 Thinks maybe he deserved it, after the Ugly Pink Shirt Incident
09/24/10 She seems bummed out, and Ben tries to cheer her up
10/01/10 Clothes shopping. Yes, you read that right.
10/03/10 A freaky little demon chick walks into a private detective agency...
11/17/10 Ben awakens screaming from a nightmare
02/03/11 She thinks humans are adorable. Werewolves count.

With Lucifer (in many incarnations):
09/23/10 An encounter on the street -- snarking the Prince of Darkness: bad idea? (daredtodisobey)
11/27/10 Lucifer is brushing feathers off his jacket. Snarking him is definitely a bad idea. (sonofmourning)
12/07/10 Lucifer is delighted that the "season" has lost its meaning. Ben begs to differ. (sonofmourning)
12/26/10 Lucifer wants to know what Ben wants most. (lordadversary)
01/28/11 Lucifer wants more souls. Ben says he can't have his. (mephistophel3s)
04/26/11 Lucifer wants to know what Ben wants most. Ben wants him to wear a bell, thanks. (sonofmourning)

stirsthewaters and fierce_hermia:
10/04/10 Raph and Janni have a conversation about Ben and Guriel, filled with affectionate exasperation.

With judgmentdivine:
10/05/10 Michael is having coffee and Ben stops to thank him
11/20/10 Heaven's Watchdog, and more clarification on the Morrigan job
12/24/10 Michael's favorite place to listen to Christmas music is Notre Dame

With o_my_me:
10/10/10 Please thwap me next time I start to do something dumb?

With kabniel_cures/cured_kabniel:
10/31/10 Ben's typing one-handed, and she's so cute...
11/08/10 Ben's covered in someone else's blood
11/10/10 He's having a flashback
11/21/10 Ben's staying in for the full moon
11/24/10 Ben and Kabniel are handcuffed together. When did she get tall and grow breasts?
12/01/10 Truth or Dare?

With neversubservent:
11/07/10 He's supposed to stay out of trouble
11/17/10 All these beings of faith. Hypocrites.
11/17/10 Ben awakens screaming from a nightmare

With agentof_chaos:
11/10/10 Ben's in a Morrigan-induced flashback
11/17/10 Good help is hard to find Snarking the Goddess of Chaos is a bad idea, as Ben finds out to his detriment.
11/19/10 Ben is examining the new scar on his chest

With zadakiel:
11/10/10 Ben's in mid-flashback

With creativesoldier:
11/14/10 Ben's in mid-flashback
11/25/10 Ben's praying
11/24/10 Ben and Joph are handcuffed together. Guriel tries to help.

With gives_grace:
11/20/10 Ben's examining his new scar
11/21/10 Ben's praying

With the A-Team:
09/15/10 Plans
09/29/10 Hannibal, bruised & bandaged
10/14/10 Muppets! Which somehow or other turns into a serious discussion
10/20/10 A werewolf with a Guardian Angel approaches the A-Team on behalf of the Goddess of Chaos...
10/31/10 Ben is typing one-handed...again
11/06/10 No such thing as coincidence
11/08/10 Ben is covered in someone else's blood. It's not what it looks like. Really.
11/10/10 Ben's in a demon-induced flashback
11/11/10 Ben lifts a glass to fallen comrades
11/18/10 Flawless intel's necessary for a good plan
11/19/10 Ben's examining the new scar on his chest
11/20/10 Ben's praying
11/23/10 Ben texts Hannibal to let him know that he can talk to Michael if he wants
12/08/10 Hannibal tells Ben that he's taken the Morrigan job
01/13/11 Hannibal helps Ben get desensitized to his handcuff trigger
01/30/11 Hannibal wants to know what Ben believes in
02/10/11 Ben is frantically cleaning house because Janni is due home soon. How do you get bloodstains out?
04/14/11 Hannibal's getting married

With unjustvengeance:
12/08/10 Ben points out that demon fights suck
02/20/11 Raguel remembers when this fight was new

With presidingangel:
01/22/11 Gabriel thinks that Afghanistan is just a suburb of Hell

With morningfury:
01/28/11 Jason wants to know why we can't all just get along

With inthepresence:
04/16/11 Uriel thinks he needs a vacation

With whatsfireweigh:
06/18/11 A conversation about prophecies

With subreptitious:
06/28/11 Ben is grumpy about the prophecy
07/09/11 Belphegor wants to know how to kill an Archangel
07/13/11 Belphegor wants to know what Ben's favorite Deadly Sin is
07/24/11 Apparently Lucifer wants Bel to "tangle" with a Winchester brother
08/03/11 Ben's got a building in his sights
08/12/11 Bel got tortured by Lucifer
08/15/11 Bel's safe again
08/23/11 Bel finds Ben after a demon attack
09/04/11 Bel's been stabbed

With human_incarnate:
08/02/11 Hellhound puppies are actually cute

With unfamiliar_jaf:
08/08/11 They're being held captive together