Ben Lockwood (werewolf_hacker) wrote,
Ben Lockwood

The prophecy! For easy reference.

This is the prophecy that Ben was laboring under in Main Arc #2. He was thrilled, naturally.

The Hound resurrected, rampant,
Who serves before the seat of Judgment,
When the time comes, in the rising
And the falling of the sword,
Then he will bring ruin before the gate,
And Hell shall tremble.

In the parting of ways,
At the crossed roads,
The balance shifts,
The eyes open,
The lion roars,
And the gates fall.

The Hound resurrected, rampant,
When the time comes, in the parting ways
The wayward are drawn home.
The blade falls, the gate falls,
The eyes close, the shifting balance settles,
And what is written, is written.
Tags: main arc, meta
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