Ben Lockwood (werewolf_hacker) wrote,
Ben Lockwood

Main Arc #5

Simon takes Paladin to the park and talks with three archangels (Sariel, Gabriel, and Michael), among other people. Mike tells him he should take up his "Kemahiel" moniker again. And he goes Christmas shopping with Jaf.

Ben's having nightmares. Again. Simon gets on Santa's Nice List and lets Robin know he's back. He tests out his new old Name, decides that "Kemi" fits him better, and finds out that Raz still wants to call him "Simon." And he's okay with that.

Ben garners a new missing-kid case, which goes about as well as they always do. Simon has a New Year's hangover. Later, he runs into Uriel in a coffee shop.

Ben sees a psychiatrist about his drinking, and then... goes to the bar. Where he meets Morrigan.

Simon's back itches, and he gets some comfort from the goddess of joy. Raz puts some ointment on it and notices... pinfeathers? But doesn't say anything. Jaf, likewise, helps clean it up, and also says nothing. Lester offers him his flying pendant, but Simon gets a check from Dad. This precipitates Lester into panic that he's done something awful, but Ben manages to talk him out of the notion (finally). Simon and the Doctor discuss Free Will.

Kemi's in the park and runs into Effie and Robin. His cousin Apollo thinks he needs a therapist. Ben and Guri, meanwhile, go shopping for t-shirts and end up in drug dealer trouble. Kemi finally realizes he's got feathers growing in, and Jaf tells him not to scratch them while Lester says he knew it would happen. Of course, this means Shaitan shows up to make his life miserable and wreck his incipient wings. Guri finds him and gets him home.

Kemi asserts that it will be all right. Michael comes by, Lester has made him a good-luck charm out of the feathers, and Robin just doesn't get it at all. Jaf makes breakfast. Ben is infuriated, naturally, and he runs into the moon in human form. Shai shows up, and Ben and Raphael banish him. Ben goes to Uruguay with Gabriel and kicks some ass there. Later, he has coffee with Guri.

Michael tells Kemi he should go Home whether he feels worthy or not. On his return he runs into Liwya and Kronk. And then he talks Raz into going back with him. He talks to Ithuriel about it and his wing roots start setting up an itch again.

A wolfed Ben eats a bunny in front of Kronk. Ben's kidnapped by demons yet again, and Guri comes riding to his rescue. Kemi lets Raz know the wings are growing back in. He runs into an old friend, Amaros, who is now bound by a witch. Ben and Guri go on surveillance and come across Succorbenoth, demon of gates.

Kemi tells Siobhan he doesn't miss sex. Raz discovers that the wing feathers are growing in fluffy. He gets an assignment from Gabriel. And wing growth continues apace.

Raz has an alchemical accident that swaps the sex of everyone in the vicinity. Including Guriel, Steven, and Pal, who is now in heat. Raz tries mixing the potion a little more carefully this time, and he and Simon have a conversation about penance.

Ben is startled by a couple of vampires. He catches Lester up on what's been going on and has another encounter with Kronk. And then he and Guriel, who is still stuck female, have another fight with Succorbenoth. Kemi has a mudfight and a serious conversation with Sariel. Sam wants a Guardian Angel. Jaf will lay in a supply of bandages and prayer for their latest thing. Ben suggests that Yzma let Kronk go and find a new minion at the local gym. Ben and Guri start gathering intel on Succorbenoth with Raz.

Lester gives Kemi a present. Kronk doesn't get angel mojo. And Guri grooms Kemi's (finally!) fully-grown-out wings. Which are floofy.

Ben runs into a hunter who hopes that vampires are mindless monsters. Kemi runs into Amy again, who looks like shit. He also shares some advice about love with Sariel. Then he finds himself up on a roof with a phoenix and Kronk. And he takes a leap of faith with Raz and flies.
Tags: activity logs, adventures, main arc
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