Ben Lockwood (werewolf_hacker) wrote,
Ben Lockwood

AU threads go here.

AU threads in general:
04/26/11 Ben dies in front of Guri. Click this for the setup post.
08/13/11 Ben joins Guri on a rooftop in a noir setting. HATS FOR ALL.
11/17/11 Ben dies in front of Raz.
11/17/11 Hiroshi helps a dying Ben.
11/19/11 Guri dies in front of Simon.
01/25/12 Ben is blinded.
05/23/12 Ben has rabies.
05/31/12 Ben finds himself in the Weird West.
06/22/12 Our whole cast has settled in a small town in the Old West.

07/11/12 Setup for the Ben-is-a-slave AU.
with dame_york
with unweepingwillow

THE AU OF THE Enslaved/chains_of_grace AU:
01/20/11 Guriel has broken the bathroom mirror in the aftermath of reading his big brother a well-deserved Riot Act
04/24/11 Guriel dies in Ben's arms. (Hit this for the setup post on that thread.)
04/27/11 Ben dies in Elle Bishop's arms. (Hit this for the setup post on that thread.)
04/27/11 Ben dies in Elle Woods's arms. (Hit this for the setup post on that thread.)
07/13/11 Ben is shot in the head and has lost his memory
11/20/11 Elle B. dies in Ben's arms

01/13/12 Guriel disappears for six months, and Ben finds him re-enslaved and essentially shattered.
01/21/12 He talks with Elle W. about it.

02/08/12 A gigantic blowup between Guriel and Rachmiel while Ben is missing.
02/02/12 Ben's been captured by scientists. Guriel finds him six months later.
02/16/12 Ben is detoxing. It sucks.
06/16/12 Toviel comes down from Home and comforts Guriel.

A different first meeting between Ben and Guriel.
Guriel gets Ben to an American encampment.
Ben and Guriel fly back to LA.
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