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Main Arc #6

Ben tells Lester and Terrence that he's tired of being demon bait. Lucifer shows up and gives him a nasty shock. And then he and Guri have an encounter with Leonard and his merry Hair Band from Hell. Ben ends up with a fresh scar: a new sigil carved around the one Raz gave him, tied to his Wrath.

Ben runs into a Hunter who clearly has no friggin' clue. And another one who apparently likes to shoot first and ask questions never. He gets shot, and a lady doctor patches him up. He runs into her later while they take a breather on some stairs together.

Kemi runs into Rob and lends him some Grace. After Ben's encounter with Leonard, he's a bit cranky about the "balance" between good and evil. He catches Belphegor up on events, while Ben is having trouble sleeping, but he reassures Lester that everything works together for good. Raph lends him some of his Grace, and he feels better.

Until, that is, he has to wolf Fran to save her life after she's mauled by a mage who shape-shifts into a polar bear. Lester thinks it's a bad idea for Ben to be bait. Fritz urges him to exercise caution, lest he be harmed spiritually by vengeance. Belphegor offers help if they need it. But they manage to banish Leonard to the basement of the Vatican with no bloodshed, for once, so that makes everyone happy, especially Lester. Ben angsts a bit about the thing with Fran, and then notices that the pendant Raz gave him is malleable. Raz assures him it's supposed to do that. Janni has a talk with Fran about her new lifestyle.

Ben has a talk with Remus about all sorts of things. Ethan thinks he should get Hunter business cards, and Ben is skeptical. Booker waves a gun in his face. Metatron chastises Ben for generalizing about Hunters. Ethan is also offended, but he offends Ben, so they're even. He talks with Lester about Fran and keeping hold of the joy. A conversation with Remus shakes loose a reason he's been having nightmares since Leonard carved the sigil into his chest.

There was a more subtle working with Leonard's sigil than appeared at first blush, and Raz and Kemi undo it so Ben can finally get some actual sleep. Which he does, while Janni guards him and has a talk with Lester. He and Fran talk about being a wolf, and he assures her that he doesn't think she's a dumb pup. Kemi has a conversation about Amaros with Anne York. Lester is angry and a little incoherent. Belphegor plays fetch with Pal. Kemi and Les explain some things to each other.

Ben and Guri are taken by Alocer, who carves a sigil matching Ben's into Guri's chest. Guri nearly dies, unable to hold his physical form, and Gib takes him Home. Janni thinks Ben needs therapy, and Lester, Siobhan, Belphegor, and Koschei agree, as does a total stranger. He meets a therapist who wants to help. He also finds out that the wolfsbane potion is slowly killing Remus. Ben finally does talk to an actual therapist. He offers a suspicious Ethan some blueberry crumble.

When Guri comes back, he assures Ben that it wasn't his fault, and they take a vacation at a Canadian lake--where Steven finds a boyfriend. She lays five eggs. Belphegor throws a party. Lester visits Steven as she broods over her eggs.

Ben has some pie in the park, sharing with a stranger, Elle, and an amnesiac Lester. He also has a somewhat frustrated discussion with Belphegor. Ben thinks it's sad that Jack doesn't have anyone he can completely trust. And then Wynter informs Ben that Leah has disappeared, so he hares off to her rescue along with others in Wynter's Pack. Meanwhile, Janni has a conversation with Tony Stark. Ethan thinks he's some kind of demon sheriff. Natalie thinks that guns and beer are a bad combination. Belial makes a surprise appearance, and Kemi catches him up on events. And Uriel's back in town, although for how long is anyone's guess.

The thing with Succorbenoth finally comes to a head. Kemi feels it, and sends Lester home to pray. After much horribleness, during which Kemi slays a dragon and Sucky is reduced to obsidian shards, they win. Ben wonders if his dad would be proud of him, and Raz assures him that he would, while Cresil shows up and nearly gets smited for his trouble. Kemi's wing gets bitten by the dragon, and he's dropping feathers in the park when Riku tells him he's making a mess, and Gordon commiserates. Lester is relieved that everyone's okay, and they discuss faith. And Kemi and Guri Move back to Ben's to find Steven's eggs in the midst of hatching. Janni gets a part in a new TV show and talks about it with Lester and Bel.

Ben's sharpening his sword in the park and comes across Riku, Gordon, and Sora. And it wouldn't be his life if he and Guri didn't run into problems.

Ben takes Hydrus, the baby water dragon, to the park. And he pokes through real estate listings in the bar, looking for a bigger place for his ever-growing household. Janni and Raz decide they're blessed. Then Janni finds out that they want her to Change on-camera for the new TV show, and she has mixed emotions about it. Kemi's feathers are growing back in, and they itch. Gordon the angel is a werewolf now. What is this, Ben doesn't even.

One of the guys Ben met in the park with Hydrus kidnaps him and wants to know where he can get a "sand dog." And Fran's back, but she doesn't know for how long. Ben's still looking for a house; Gordon commiserates, Theta wants his duster back, and Owen thinks pools are more trouble than they're worth. Giborel is worried about how quiet it's been.

Ben finds the perfect house, but it's haunted. He does some research to find out the particulars and decides to talk to the ghost's widow. And he also promises to beat some bushes for Abigail in her search for an employer. And an alchemical accident turns every stitch of Ben's clothing into chainmail bikinis.

Ben runs into a US Marshal who is also a werewolf. Kemi discovers that their Fallen brothers are still assholes.
Tags: activity logs, main arc
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