Ben Lockwood (werewolf_hacker) wrote,
Ben Lockwood

The Volchok 'Verse

Trigger Warning: Many of these threads deal with topics of slavery, rape, Stockholm Syndrome, torture, and other disturbing subject matter -- moreso than my usual. If these things bother you, then stay away from this 'verse.

2037: Guri dies.
2057: The government mandates that werewolves are far too dangerous to be left running around loose, and slavery is instituted. Wynter keeps his Pack safe for fifteen years.
2072: Wynter dies.
2077: Wynter's Pack is broken up. Janni is killed.
2079: Ben accidentally kills Ian in a fighting pit and is sold to a brothel.
2097: Maria buys Ben from a slave market.

Setup for the Volchok 'Verse.

Wynter dies with mister_wynter.
Ben runs afoul of a hunter with isalwaysfaster.
Maria buys him after twenty years of loss and abuse with inwhichwar.
...which continues here.
A slave liberation group "frees" Ben from her.
Ben and Maria confront a blast from her past.
A theological discussion in bed. Also, they adopt kitties.
They confess their love for each other. However, Maria's lack of faith is a snag.
Someone from Maria's past finds out how much they mean to each other and uses Ben against her.
He proposes to her the night of a lunar eclipse.
They go hunting for a preacher to marry them.
Wedding bells!
Ben is badly beaten by people who steal his wedding ring.
Years later, Maria is diagnosed with aplastic anemia.

An alternate meeting between Ben and Maria, who is known as "Kati" during this part of her life.
She gets Romek sent to prison. She is then forced to leave Ben behind when she's reassigned.
When she comes back, she finds that the person she entrusted Ben to sold him to a brothel.
He ends up back in the ring.
The Organization forcibly retires Kati. With a car bomb.
The hospital is giving her grief over her slave. They both react badly.
Kati transfers to a new hospital.
Years later, Ben is murdered by a Hunter, leaving Kati alone and bereft.
Per Ben's dying request, Kati buys a new wolf. And it's Will, Ben's former Alpha.
Will and Kati pay a visit to the Hunter who killed Ben.
Will and Kati fly to Seattle.
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