Ben Lockwood (werewolf_hacker) wrote,
Ben Lockwood

For inwhichwar, the AU of the Volchok 'verse.

Kati is very tolerant of Ben's penchant for wolfing when the moon's not full. She comes along, usually, although she can't keep up, not with the crutch. Ben gallops through the woods and the fields and checks in with her every few minutes, making sure she's okay, keeping tabs.

It's a glorious evening to run.

Until a shotgun roars, twice, and sends him ass over teakettle to fetch up against a tree.

He knows right away it's bad. The silver pellets burn, and the rowan shavings immediately start the hemorrhaging and fever. He tries to get up, fails, and collapses back to the ground with a moan. One shell hit him in the right side of the chest, the other in the flank. Whining, he goes back to human.

Tags: volchok
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