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That which does not kill me...

...has made a grievous tactical error.

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General Random Stuff Log #2
That which does not kill me

lugsleadout OP:
12/10/13 Parker wonders if it's possible to disconnect.
03/29/14 Ben is ranting about hunters.

lionwithagun OP:
12/10/13 A lion steals Ben's cane. Not cool.
01/26/14 Ravi is in Ben's pool. Hydrus approves.

woodlandking OP:
12/14/13 Thranduil is less-than-impressed by Ben's manner of dress.

alexandraudinov OP:
12/15/13 Alex and Ben chase a murderer.

stillyourqueen OP:
12/23/13 She's contemplating death.

With forever_bitter:
12/26/13 Guy tries to steal Ben's wallet.
01/08/14 An encounter with Janni.
01/16/14 Ben states that time-traveling accidents suck. Guy doesn't believe him.
01/26/14 The starter in Ben's Jeep dies. Guy is (surprisingly! not) no help.
01/30/14 Guy starts a fight with Janni in a bar.
02/07/14 Ben finds out it was Guy and takes exception.
02/12/14 Guy is contemplating selling his soul so werewolves suffer.
02/23/14 Werewolf cats are weird.
03/02/14 Everything they know is wrong.
03/13/14 Ben bribes Guy into shifting.
03/15/14 A wolfed Ben encounters Guy in the park and offers him a rabbit.
03/17/14 ITT: Ben learns that he is not friggin' invincible.
03/24/14 Ben tries without success to get his wallet back. Also, Gib makes an appearance.
03/29/14 Ben is ranting about hunters. And gets his wallet back.
04/03/14 Ben is shot, and Guy saves his life, much to both of their chagrin.
04/04/14 A demon hires Guy to take Ben out. Whatever that means.
04/07/14 So, he tries. And fails. Ben weighs 400 pounds, wolfed...
04/08/14 Ben calls Naymon up to find out who set Guy on him.
04/10/14 And Cresil's not pissed at all that Ben may be coming after him. Oh, wait, he is.
04/22/14 Ben is eyeing a funny t-shirt.
04/30/14 Ben and Guy chase squirrels in the park.
05/07/14 A game of Mercy goes badly for Guy.
05/09/14 Guy is wrapped in blood magic vines.
05/14/14 Guy is stuck wolfed. Oh, look, they're Pack now.
05/23/14 Ben gets Guy a shower and clothes-washing. He's also found him a job, if he wants it.
05/27/14 Ben thinks Guy needs therapy.
05/30/14 Macho posturing, basically.
06/06/14 Mutual goading leads to Guy drinking a bottle of vinegar. Gross.
06/10/14 Banging heads (for once, not each other's) at the Chillin' Out.
06/26/14 Guy is in jail. Ben gets him a lawyer.
06/30/14 Guy gets beaten up by a swan and then snorts ghost pepper powder. It's the best day ever, until Ben gets shot.
07/07/14 Happy Fourth of July.
07/21/14 Guy wants Ben to play Chicken with a bus. Ben declines, they play Mercy (again), instead... and Guy's wrists get broken. One at a time.
07/25/14 Guy is in the ER, having been hit by a car.
08/11/14 Guy is not pleased that Ben's been talking about him with his Alpha.
08/14/14 Another pissing match.
08/18/14 Guy steals Ben's cane.
08/24/14 Guy tries to steal Ben's replacement cane and gets his face and arm broken for his trouble.
08/27/14 Alejo wants to know who's responsible for Guy. (with elcazadorcazado)
09/03/14 Another argument with Guy.
09/06/14 A slightly more friendly encounter, as Guy actually buys Ben a drink for once.
09/24/14 Guy is in jail. Not guilty for once.
09/29/14 Guy's brother Étienne hires Ben to find his brother. (with wealth_and_fur)
09/30/14 Ben brings Guy and Étienne together. Whee.
10/05/14 Guy has disappeared, and Étienne asks Ben to give him a letter after a very... interesting conversation.
10/13/14 Ben gives Étienne's letter to Guy. Kemi has to translate it.
10/31/14 Guy wants money from Ben. He doesn't get it. This time.
11/03/14 Ben and Guy take care of a couple of Hunters after the Hunters nearly kill Ben.
11/20/14 Guy finally gives back the cane he stole from Ben.
12/10/14 Ben and Guy share a sandwich and a park bench.
12/16/14 Guy is cold.
01/06/15 Étienne tries to hire Ben to find Guy again. Ben tells him to go away. Only less politely than that.
01/21/15 Another encounter with Guy goes... less-than-swimmingly.
01/28/15 Guy still doesn't think hunters care about him. Because he is special.

With lost_idlewild:
01/16/14 Time-traveling accidents suck.

With pandoragrace:
01/25/14 Ben's Jeep broke down.
08/24/14 In the bar. Is she old enough to drink?
11/03/14 Ben's been stabbed, and she helps him out.

With mythworthyfamly:
01/25/14 Ben's Jeep breaks down.

With imitationgame:
01/25/14 Ben's Jeep breaks down.

With somevelvet:
01/27/14 She helps him fix his Jeep.

With akintoagasp:
02/03/14 Abel wants to know if Ben has a magical item.

With notonmyspace:
02/05/14 Ben helps Tony solve an industrial espionage problem.

With conjured_rabbit:
02/22/14 Werewolf cats and changelings.
10/20/14 Horror stories are cautionary tales.

With gabe_bryan:
02/22/14 Gabe finds out that werewolves are a Thing.

With lucreceknife:
03/29/14 He's destressing after an encounter with a hunter.

With didanexperiment:
03/30/14 Ben's a little incoherent. Sorry, it was a bad day.

With vampjesus:
03/30/14 Godric is curious about werewolf Pack politics.

With roadhouse_mama:
04/04/14 Ben's been shot by a hunter behind her bar.
04/08/14 Ben's tracked the hunter.

With trelestarmagic:
04/08/14 She's looking for magic scrolls.

With hurricanealice:
04/21/14 He's looking at a funny t-shirt.

With lightningstrick:
04/30/14 He meets her while he's wolfed and chasing squirrels.

With rox_androll:
04/30/14 Chasing squirrels in the park, he meets a fellow wolf.

With charliekellyrat:
05/08/14 Charlie is drinking Ben's beer.

With lupushomo:
05/14/14 They chase a giant rabbit on a full moon night.

06/05/14 In the park with Castor and Pollux:
with marbleincarnate
with pandoragrace
with dame_york
with multixcolored

With elcazadorcazado:
07/29/14 Ben and "Alejo" kill a... Thing.
09/08/14 Alejo doesn't look so hot.
11/05/14 Alejo's been shot.

08/11/14 Hell's politics give Ben a headache:
With dame_york
With didanexperiment

With broad_shoulders:
08/15/14 A discussion about rage.
10/08/14 Time for the blood moon.

With poppy_straw:
09/08/14 He meets someone who smells like heroin and reacts... about how you'd expect.

A case has collided with Ben's personal life:
with solveret_puncto
with pandoragrace

With greydealings:
10/28/14 Isaac thinks someone should host a seance. Ben thinks that's a terrible idea.

With beetree_creek:
11/04/14 Tobias helps him after he's been demon-stabbed.