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That which does not kill me...

...has made a grievous tactical error.

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Wolf trapped
[Ever since Ben has known about vampires, he hasn't liked them much. They smell wrong, they act snooty, and they give him the willies.

That being said, they've been less problematic to him since he started the Hound of God gig. Last time one of them tried to feed from him, it exploded in a puff of dust and bones, like it had consumed a glassful of holy water.

Of course, last time a vampire tried to feed from him, he didn't have six premeditated and callously unrepented murders hanging over his head--and he wasn't stopped on a dusty little planet for refueling and resupply on his way to a "rescue mission" that will no doubt result in more casualties he won't be particularly sorry for.

So he's very unpleasantly surprised when he's ambushed by a trio of vampires as he's coming (alone) out of a seedy little bar. They've got silver shackles and a wolfsbane net, and it takes them less than no time to truss him up, toss him in the trunk of a car, and drive away, while he swears impotently at them.]


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[Guri scrubs his wrist across his eyes and takes a shuddery breath.]

I know You've got a plan, Dad. Please just help me follow it.

I think that pretty much covers it.

Thy Will be done. Amen, and amen. [Michael tightens his embrace and increases the flow of Grace, pressing his lips to Guri's hair again. He's not sure who needs it more at this point, his little brother or his brother's wayward Charge.]

I love you, lion cub.

[Guriel's heart swells, and he squeezes Michael's ribs in a crushing adoring-little-brother kind of a hug. He is definitely not sniffling because he is a big tough warrior angel who doesn't sniffle.]

I love you, too, Michael.

Thank you for coming.

How could I stay away? Your grief cried out to the Heavenlies. [Michael cradles Guri's head.]

Watch and pray, little brother. And know that we all watch and pray with you.

[With a final tightening of arms and wings, he disappears.]

[And Guriel leans back with a sigh, feeling somewhat lightened by his elder brother's words.

He and Ben still have a long, awful road ahead of them. But Guriel can stay the course. He'd never disappoint Dad or Michael by doing otherwise.]

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