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That which does not kill me...

...has made a grievous tactical error.

Ben Lockwood
17 August 1985
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Right now, there are three main 'verses Ben's playing in: The Main Arc, the chains_of_grace/Enslaved AU, and the takemy_love 'verse. Bio info:

Main Arc

Yeah, I don't talk about this stuff. Don't get me stressed. You wouldn't like me when I'm stressed.

[massive, heavy sigh] Fine, the highlight reel: Afghan war vet, POW for seven months, and issues. Don't restrain me, and don't come at me with a syringe. I don't like water in my face or being naked either, although those aren't so much "trigger-y" as "really fucking uncomfortable." I'm still subject to nightmares, panic attacks, and flashbacks, but I'm better than I was. It's been a little over three years now, and I've got a wife who loves me and a Pack that grounds me--even if not everyone in the Pack is an actual werewolf. I was recently made partner in my wife's mom's private investigation firm; I do mostly computer stuff, but everything else, too, as needed.

Vitals: Blond and blue, mid-twenties, and *cough* less than tall. Think "runner" rather than "wrestler." And I had the damn puppy-dog look before the whole werewolf thing, okay? Handcuff scars. Scars across my chest, mostly covered in hair but noticeable when you look close. The scars on my back are the ones that are really spectacular. My right calf got mangled by a Hellhound, so I use a sword cane with a wolf head to help me get around.

When my wolf comes out, he's as big as a small pony--about triple my size. Yeah, I don't know the physics on that and I'm afraid to ask. The fur over the scars is white.

In addition to all the freaky bad shit that's happened to me, or maybe in response to it, I picked up an honest-to-capital-G-God Guardian Angel to watch over me for awhile: Guriel. And he's awesome. We made a pretty good team, all things considered--we're both brash and mouthy and like to pick fights with impossible odds, but I occasionally stop and think first, and he helped me keep a rein on my darker side and reminded me just where that line is that I shouldn't cross.

Unfortunately, he's been reassigned -- right in the middle of a crisis. We finally found out why I seemed to be a friggin' demon magnet. Apparently there's a prophecy, and it doesn't matter if it's accurate or not, because the demons believe it's about me. It's vague enough that they don't know which way I'll jump, so they've been trying to get me on their side. Their tactics suck, though, and I belong to Dad, dammit, so.

I've also picked up a grimoire demon: Razas, who serves as a sort of grumpy research assistant. He's all right for a demon, not that we're going to pick out curtains or anything, but he doesn't make plays for my soul and I don't threaten to smite him, so we get along all right. And Steven, the baby dragon that Guri and I confiscated from a wayward alchemist? She loves Raz.

That's about it. If you need to contact me, [[IC or out]], you can drop a message on one of my posts, PM me, or my IM contact info is below. I don't bite, promise, and would actually really enjoy hearing from you.


I got back to LA, at the age of 22 (birth year for this 'verse is 1988), from seven months of captivity and torture in Afghanistan to find that my parents (a) were killed by a drunk driver while I was in a cave, and (b) left me an angelus in a cage in the garage. Coming home from captivity to find that my parents gave me my very own captive? Didn't sit well with me. I freed Guriel, which confused the hell out of him, and now we can't imagine life without each other.

Oh, and the insurgents wolfed me while they had me -- and drove the wolf somewhat crazy by doing awful things to him too. The sad thing is? The wolf is probably the sanest member of this poor little Pack...

FYI, for the Enslaved!AU: Ben has scars. A lot of them. If you try to heal them, it may work -- temporarily. But they are demon-induced, and they will come back. Even if you're a Healer angel.

takemy_love 'verse

So, you know. Werewolves escaped Earth-that-was along with the rest of humanity. That's a given. Why not? After all, most of us were hiding among people, living our lives, paying our bills.

A hundred years before the Unification War, the Alliance had a pogrom:

Capture all werewolves. Put them in cages. Experiment.

Of course, I was caught up in that. Intimately involved, as it were.

But I've never been one to take such a thing lying down. When they broke into my apartment and killed my wife of four hundred years with no warning whatsoever...

Well. The gloves kind of come off after something like that. And you do not want to tangle with someone who has 400 years of combat experience, even if he is still on a cane. Because all you will do is underestimate him, and then be surprised when he hands your ass to you.

Legal: This is an RP journal for a character of my own creation. Mun and muse are both over 18. Photo is by Michael Muller for the "Another Night Upon Us" photoshoot, heavily photoshopped by me for my own nefarious purposes. PB is Robert Downey, Jr., used without any disrespect intended and without permission. As far as canon goes, I'm going to say that the first novel, the short story, and the novelette (which doesn't actually have Ben in it, but relevant events are relevant) have happened, but the vampire prison thing didn't and probably won't. If you don't know what that means, that's okay.

Layout courtesy of stoppedhiding, from here, since LJ insists on being a butthead.

Activity Log Master List

Threadjacking with this character?: Please ask first.

Backtagging with this character?: Yes, please.

Hugging this character?:
Regular 'verse: He's not real fond of being touched by people who aren't members of his immediate household. It will make him uncomfortable unless you knows you well and you've got that kind of relationship.
Enslaved AU: He's freshly back from being tortured by insurgents for seven months. Touching him makes him twitchy unless he knows and trusts you.
Take My Love: Bad idea. He just doesn't like to be touched.

Giving this character a kiss?:
Regular 'verse: He's married. Very married.
Enslaved AU: I very much doubt he's ready for something like that unless you are female and it's a chaste one on his cheek or forehead.
Take My Love: Directly following the pogrom? No. He will react badly. A hundred years later? Maybe, if it's led up to.

Something more intimate?:
Regular 'verse: He's married. Very married.
Enslaved AU: Not remotely ready.
Take My Love: Directly following the pogrom? No. He will react very badly to even just the suggestion. He just lost his wife, after all. A hundred years later? Maybe, if it's led up to. But this is a guy who mates for life, so be prepared for that.

Regular 'verse: He's married. Very married.
Enslaved AU: Not remotely ready.
Take My Love: Directly after the pogrom, not remotely ready. A hundred years later, maybe. See above about intimacy.

Punching this character (provided they can fight back): You can try. He's fast and will hit back, however. In general, he will not start a fistfight, but he will do his damnedest to finish one.

Injury?: Oh, sure. The same caveat as above applies, however.

Death?: Um. No.

Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character?: Restraints and syringes freak him out. He's prone to either panic attacks or lashing out when confronted with either of these things. Silver burns him, wolfsbane/monkshead paralyzes him, and rowan causes hemorrhaging.